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Hi!  I'm Darya,

the owner and maker behind NIYIEM studio and now, the curator of NU VEAU market.  I have been a jewelry designer and selling at markets for over 12 years and was a wedding planner before that.  It feels very natural to be combining my experience of the two, to host an event with the same modern style that my business has become known for.  Besides jewelry making (but also in my jewelry making) I am very passionate about non toxic, clean living and am a total health nut, in the best possible way.  I attribute that to my "hippie" Cortes roots.  Raised by West Coast artisans, the craft scene is second nature to me so I'm not at all surprised I ended up making a career out of handmade.  I didn't expect, however, for it to become such a big thing.  As I am a very "small town" girl, when my jewelry was selected to be featured in New York, it was beyond exciting. Seeing my first magazine publication was a surreal moment.  Then to see my jewelry in magazines like InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, Moevir and others, and in news stands in Paris, Spain and Brazil - it was even more surreal and it made my heart so happy.  Vancouver Island and New York City are worlds apart and both of them appeal to me for very different reasons.  The thought of mixing "big city" style with our "small town" feels to create a fresh, new shopping experience, makes me super excited and lead to the start of NU VEAU market.  I hope the anticipation is as exciting for you!

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I love my family the most out of all the earthly things and it's the reason why I put my heart and soul into what I do.

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