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"Starting a business can be intimidating, especially at a young age when there is still so much to learn and capitol may be limited. I know how it feels to want go after a dream and to have people give the hand up that is needed. I was extremely blessed to have incredible support emotionally, financially and as sounding boards when I launched my jewelry business. My passion for running a creative business makes me passionate about seeing young talent finding their way into the creative business world. It is very important to me to pay forward all of the experience, expertise and blessings that I've gained over the many years and so I am very excited to be offering a mentorship to one young entrepreneur who would like to experience what it means to be a professional artisan and start their own small business. As a maker who has mentored many other makers, and seen their success, I will be giving the same time and guidance to an emerging artist who may not know how to start on their own. I will take part in every aspect of getting their beautiful creations out into the world from acting as a sounding board through the process of designing and seeing the vision come to life, to advising on styling, pricing, marketing and branding."



One booth location and a full mentorship will be offered to an emerging artist age 18-20. If you are passionate about your art, believe you could turn it into a creative business, would like to have a exclusive spot with NIYIEM studio and a booth space at NU VEAU market, I want to chat! Please apply!


- darya

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